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  Developing a Quality Life in Cedar County, Iowa  

Keeping Cedar Great

A group of citizens across Cedar County, included Cedar County Historical Society. Cedar County Economic Development Group, local business , city governments and people like you made a plan. They called the plan Cedar County Cultural Center at Prairie Village.

The Cedar County Cultural Center will be another prized piece to continuing the tradition of Cedar County as a great place. The Center's development goes beyond celebrating the county's proud past, to actively contributing to the county’s future culture. The Cultural Center will continue to tell the story of what makes each of our eight communities special while unifying the connection between them. Drawing upon Cedar County - Envisioning a New Horizon visioning plan, provided a foundation for a set of goals designed to guide activities for a more sustainable future. It clearly revealed the desire to better promote among our community members, as well as to visitors, the significant assets within the county. Moreover, inspire the creation of new experiences that reflect Cedar County’s unique sense of place. In fact, this was the vision plan's number one goal established for Cedar County: Increase entertainment opportunities through art and culture. The Cedar County Cultural Center will be the stage where we have the opportunity to capitalize on this goal. Events spotlighted at the Center will utilize the talents and skills of County artists, authors and artisans. This will include demonstrations such as stonecutting, blacksmithing, and quilting that will pass along the knowledge of old-world crafts to future generations. The Center will also be home for presentations that will tell the story of our unique identity such as the role that natural resources and historic downtowns have played in defining our County.

The group has just submitted a grant application to Iowa Great Places that would turn this plan into a reality. While grants are always real competitive with no guarantees, the collaboration of the partnership alone just to get to this step is a real success It is efforts like this that keeps Cedar County great. Here is hoping they are successful.

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