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  Developing a Quality Life in Cedar County, Iowa  

So What Do You Mean by Local Assets?

Local assets are a broad range of things that contribute positively to a community. The definition ranges from the quality of the community’s buildings to the people who volunteer their time, the offerings of local parks and friendliness of a community, to the rich natural resources in an area to the impact that the youth of a community has on its whole. In short, local assets are the tangable and intangabels of a community ranging from physical to the emotional.

  • Economic Assets – The drivers of the local community, such as businesses offering goods, workforce and services, level of employment, prosperity of the community

  • Physical Assets – The quality of buildings, aboundance of housing options, the infrastructure, transportation options, parks and recreation areas nearby natural resources

  • Human Assets - their skills, experiences, passions, creattive capacities, willingness to engage and the degree they contribute to that sense of community.

  • Institutional Assets – The public institutions such as government schools, and libraries, police and fire department, along with community associations, clubs, and networks; athletic, cultural, social, faith-based, non-profits groups powered by volunteer members

  • Aesthetics Assets; The attractivenes of the overall community from the genaeral to sthe speicific that include a sense of welcomenss to new people and encourage particapation.

The combination of these nd can be the tools to leveraged to take that same community a begain to make it great.

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